Members and Partners

Ministry Minister Focal point
Antigua and Barbuda - Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour
Steadroy Benjamin
Eltonia Rojas, Labour Commissioner
Argentina - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Raquel Cecilia Kismer de Olmos
Gerardo Corres, Director of International Affairs
Bahamas - Ministry of Labour and Immigration
Keith Richard Bell
Yolantha Yallop, Assistant Director of Labour
Barbados - Ministry of Labour, Social Security and the Third Sector
Colin Jordan
Karen Best, Permanent Secretary
Marva Howell, Deputy Permanent Secretary
Claudette Hope-Greenidge, Labour Commissioner
Belice - Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development
Hon. Oscar Requena
Valentino Shal, Chief Executive Officer
Bolivia - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare
Veronica Patricia Navia Tejeida
Maya Gabriela Verazain Zuazo, Head of the International Relations Area
Brazil - Ministry of Labor and Employment
Luiz Marinho
Valter Sanches, Chief of the International Relations Advisory Office
Durval Aires de Menezes Neto, Coordination of International Relations
Canada - Ministry of Labour
Seamus O'Regan
Chile - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Jeannette Jara Román
Marcelo Nikolai Tapia Valenzuela, Chief, Office of International Affairs
Colombia - Ministry of Labor
Gloria Inés Ramírez
Gloria Gaviria, Chief of the Offices of Cooperation and International Relations
Daniela Aragon, Contact for Cooperation
Costa Rica - Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Andrés Romero Rodríguez
Marisol Bolaños, Chief (Ag) Labor International Affairs
Ana Lucía Blanco, Labor International Affairs Advisor
Dominica - Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security
Rayburn Blackmoore
Jo-Anne Commodore, Permanent Secretary (Ag)
Dominican Republic - Ministry of Labor
Luis Miguel de Camps
Sarah Pimentel
Director of International Relations
Ecuador - Ministry of Labor
Patricio Donoso
César Mateus, International Relations Director
Karol Novillo, International Relations Advisor
El Salvador - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Oscar Rolando Castro
Carlos Alberto Peña, Director of International Labor Relations
Grenada - Ministry of Legal Affairs, Labour and Consumer Affairs
Claudette Joseph
Anna Brizan, Permanent Secretary
Sparkle Grenade Courtney, Labour Commissioner
Guatemala - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Rafael Eugenio Rodríguez Pellecer
Luz María Urcuyo Mendoza, Chief, Unit of Planning and Cooperation
Guyana - Ministry of Labour
Joseph Hamilton
Dhaneshwar Deonarine, Chief Labour Officer
Haiti - Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Elise Gelin
Rudy Hérivaux, Director of Labor
Honduras - Secretary of Labor and Social Security
Sarahí Cerna
Ángel Claros Córdova, Head of External Cooperation and Resource Mobilization
Jamaica - Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Pearnel Charles Jr.
Collette Roberts Risden, Permanent Secretary
Mexico - Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare
Marath Baruch Bolaños López
Gabriel Alejandro Tamariz Sánchez, Head of the Labor Policy and Institutional Relations Unit
Nicaragua - Ministry of Labor
Alba Luz Torres
Miguel Ángel Padilla, Director of International Labor Affairs
Panama - Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development
Doris Zapata Acevedo
Ahychel Elías Grajales, Director of Technical International Cooperation
Paraguay - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Carla Bacigalupo Planás
Viviana Cano, Director General, Planning
Joryan Rossati, Chief od Cooperation Agreements and Focal Point of International Area
Peru - Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion
Antonio Fernando Varela Bohórquez
Luis Fernando Domínguez Vera, Chief of the General Office for Cooperation and International Affairs
Giuliana Ormeño, International Cooperation Coordinator
St. Kitts and Nevis - Ministry of of Tourism, Civil Aviation, International Transport, Employment & Labour and Urban Development
Marsha T. Henderson
Shernel C. James, Labour Commissioner
St. Lucia - Ministry for the Public Service, Home Affairs, Labour and Gender Affairs
Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte
Suzette Jean, Deputy Permanent Secretary
St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry & Labour.
Saboto Caesar
Racquel Jacobs-Lawrence, Labour Commissioner
Suriname - Ministry of Labor, Employment Opportunity and Youth Affairs
Rishma Kuldipsingh
Glenn Piroe, Deputy Director of Legal and international Affairs
Trinidad and Tobago - Ministry of Labour
Stephen Mc Clashie
Natalie Willis, Permanent Secretary
Rosa-Mae Whittier, Director, International Affairs
United States - Department of Labor
Martin Joseph Walsh
Sarah Morgan, Director, Office of International Relations & Economic Research (OIRER)
Carolina Rizzo, Senior Advisor on Western Hemisphere Affairs, International Labor Affairs Bureau
Uruguay - Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Pablo Mieres
Susan Weissel, International Relations Team
Venezuela - Ministry of the People’s Power for the Social Process of Labor