Chile - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

María José Zaldivar

María Jose Zaldivar took oath as Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of Chile on November 2019. 


Mrs. Zaldivar holds deegres on History and Law from the Catholic University of Chile, as well as a Masters on Public Law. From 2005 - 2014 she worked at the Social Security office of Chile. First as information lawyer, then as prosecutor, as finally as head of the office from 2010 - 2014. She then served as General Manager of CIEDESS. 


During her proffessional carreer she has been a proffessor of various courses of Andres Bello University, the Catholic University of Chile, the Law School of the University of Development, and since 2014, labor law proffessor at PUC. She has made various publications on public policy with focus on human rights. 


Before her appointment, she served as Undersecretary for Social Welfare. 

Focal point: 
Pedro Pablo Silva, Chief of International Affairs
(+56 2) 27530400 - (+56 2) 27530401
Huérfanos 1273, Santiago