The topic of “Employment” incorporates actions directly related to the analysis and functioning of the labor market.  These include professional training and skills certification, employment services and information systems, as well as actions to serve certain populations, such as migrant workers, women, youth and vulnerable groups.  Employment strategies focused on the environment are also included under this topic.


Title Resource Topics
Labor inclusion of people with disabilities Bilateral Cooperation EMPLOYMENT, Labor inclusion of vulnerable groups
Technical Cooperation Agreement for Returned Colombians Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Labor migration
13th Call - 2020 Call for Proposal LABOR, Child labor, EMPLOYMENT, Unemployment benefit schemes, LABOR RELATIONS, SOCIAL SECURITY, MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS
4 Gender Dialogue among Ministries of Labor Workshops EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
4th Gender Dialogue Among Ministries of Labor: Creating the Network of Focal Points Highlights EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
5th Gender Dialogue among Ministries of Labor: Towards a Gender-Responsive Labor Inspection Workshops LABOR, Labor inspection, EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
5th Hemispheric Dialogue on Gender: Towards a gender-responsive labor inspection Highlights LABOR, Labor inspection, EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity