The Repository of Actions on Paid Domestic Work is now available!

This Repository developed by the OAS Secretariat in conjunction with the governments of the Americas, showcases the actions that the Ministries of Labor of the region have implemented to dignify, formalize, and achieve the full exercise of rights in paid domestic work.

7th Hemispheric Dialogue on Gender among Ministries of Labor: Training and employment strategies & Closing occupational gaps

The objective of this hemispheric event that took place within the framework of the RIAL/GENDER was to share advancements and experiences as well as formulate recommendations, on mainstreaming gender in training, workforce development and employment strategies, with a view to addressing and eliminating gender gaps and occupational segregation. 

Workshop "Towards a Stronger Coordination Between Education and Labor in the Americas"

The Intersectoral Workshop that took place on May 4-5 focused on increasing knowledge and strengthening the capacities of the Ministries of Labor and Education to move towards greater intersectoral coordination, especially around national and regional qualifications frameworks. 

6th Gender Dialogue among Ministries of Labor: Towards paid domestic work with rights

The objective of this hemispheric event that took place within the framework of the RIAL/GENDER was to share advancements and strategies, as well as identify lessons learned and policy recommendations, to guarantee compliance with labor legislation and respect for fundamental rights and principles in paid domestic work.


The 16th RIAL Call for Proposals for Bilateral Cooperation was open from January 20 to March 10, 2023. During this time, the Technical Secretariat received 59 proposals between 16 Ministries of Labor of the region. As of now, the results of the Call are in. Congratulations to the selected Ministries!

RIAL Workshop on "Social Dialogue for a rights-based transition from informal to formal employment"

The RIAL Workshop focused on the exchange and analysis of policies to improve social protection coverage and promote productivity to achieve, through social dialogue mechanisms, the transition from informal to formal employment. 

5th Hemispheric Dialogue on Gender: Towards a gender-responsive labor inspection

The objective of this first RIAL/GENDER hemispheric event was to exchange experiences, provide useful tools and pose recommendations to build a gender-responsive labor inspection in the Americas.

Now available! Portfolio on telework laws and regulations

In compliance with the Work Plan 2022 - 2024 of the IACML the Portfolio of Laws and Regulations on Telework gathers the instruments implemented by the governments of the region to respond to this need. 

Hemispheric Workshop on Social Dialogue, Bogota, July 12 and 13

The RIAL/OAS Hemispheric Workshop on social dialogue will take place in Bogota, July 12 & 13th, to analyze experiences and prepare recommendations to strengthen institutionalized social dialogue in the region. 

RESULTS - 15th RIAL Call for Bilateral Cooperation

The results of the 15th RIAL Call for Bilateral Cooperation are here! Congratulations to the selected Ministries!