Ecuador - Ministry of Labor

Andres Isch

Mr. Andres Isch took oath as Minister of Labor of Ecuador in July, 2020, beciming a part of the Cabinet of President Lenin Moreno. 


Mr. Isch holds a law deegree from the International University of Ecuador. He has completed Programs on Governing and Political Leadership from the IDE Business School, and on Executive Leadership and Decision Making from Harvard University.


Mr. Isch has experience in the public and private sector. He has been political advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Secretary General for Planning at the Quito Municipality, Political and Law advisor to the Quito Municipality, and legal consultant at a private law firm.  

Focal point: 
Marcelo Nuñez, Director of International Relations
+(593) 1800-266822
República del Salvador Nro. 34-183 y Suiza Código Postal: 170515 / Quito - Ecuador