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Gloria Inés Ramírez

Gloria Inés Ramírez holds a degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Technological University of Pereira, a master's degree in Social Development and Education from the National Pedagogical University, a specialization in Guarantee of Labor Rights from the University of Toledo - Spain, as well as a diploma in economics, social policy and gender of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. In addition, she is an international speaker on educational and gender issues.



Ramírez joined the Colombian Federation of Educators (Fecode) and in 2000 she became the first female president of this union. In 2002, she joined the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT), being part of its executive committee.



During the period 2010 - 2014, Gloria Inés Ramírez was a senator for the Polo Democrático party. Her most famous legislative initiative was the Rosa Elvira Cely Law, in which the crime of femicide was defined. She also helped create the Legal Commission for Equity for Women in Congress, promoted the recognition of unpaid domestic work, and led initiatives such as guaranteeing social security in professional risks to the independent worker sector, among others.

RIAL Focal point: 
Gloria Gaviria, Chief of the Offices of Cooperation and International Relations
RIAL/GENDER Focal Point: 
Magnolia del Socorro Agudelo Velasquez, Coordinator for the Group for the Victims and Labour Equity with a Gender Focus
Magda Yaneth Alberto Cubillos, Advisor for Gender Equity and Women's Rights Offices
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