Brazil - Ministry of Employment and Welfare

Onyx Lorenzoni

Mr. Lorenzoni  left the General Secretariat of the Presidency to take over a recreated portfolio for Labor, which is the new Ministry created by the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro now called the Ministry of Employment and Welfare. A member of the Democrats (DEM), he  was a Federal Deputy from Rio Grande do Sul in his fourth term and previously occupied four other positions under the Bolsonaro presidency including the Ministry of the Civil House (head of cabinet) and Ministry of Citizenship.


Onyx Lorenzoni is a veterinarian and entrepreneur, born in Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He strengthened himself as a politician by defending issues dear to a part of voters in Rio Grande do Sul, a state in which issues related to the rural agenda and the defense of private property and armaments are highly important.

Focal point: 
Pablo Braga Costa Pereira , General Coordinator of International Relations