Certification and Evaluation of Labor Competencies

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11/08/2010 to 11/11/2010

In order gain awareness of Peru’s experience in the areas of job skill evaluation and certification, two delegates of the Ministry of Labor Relations (MRL) of Ecuador visited Lima in November, 2010.
During the activity, the Ecuadoran delegates had an opportunity to learn about Peru’s experience of enhancing the employability of some groups of workers and about intervention methods for evaluating job skills and validating learning, such as the Revalora Perú (Peru Revaluates), Projoven (Pro Youth), and Tu experiencia vale (Your Experience Counts) programs. Following the exchange, the delegates corroborated the importance of skills certification, which, in their words, was necessary for “objective recognition of the skills of workers, regardless of how and where their knowledge was acquired. This recognition should facilitate the movement of labor and ensure equal opportunity in job access and retention.”
The Ecuadoran delegates indicated that in their country “skill certification could be implemented in areas such as: child care, elder care, remunerated home work, and cleaning services, taking as basis the Peruvian experience; and, as a need of Ecuador itself, such efforts could also be made with construction, tourism, and agricultural sector workers, among others.”
Among “future steps” following this activity, the Ecuadoran delegates considered that the management model implemented by the Revalora Perú program, recognized as a good governmental practice, should be replicated by other State and private programs.
Lastly, they recommended continuing the exchange of such experiences in order to develop a better method in Ecuador that would ensure an impartial and quality job skill certification system.

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