Inter-sectoral Workshop on "Skills for the future: Coordination between the Ministries of Education and Labor"

Professional training and skills certification
Coordination with other institutions
Event date: 
05/16/2019 to 05/17/2019
O'Higgins Room, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile
Host Country: 
  • Achieve a greater understanding of the challenges that accelerated technological change and the transformation of the world of work are posing in education and training systems.


  • Discuss trends and methodologies for the development of skills of the future (technical and socio-emotional), considering specific experiences within the systems of education and training for work.


  • Analyze experiences of joint efforts and / or coordination between Ministries of Labor and Education, as well as with other public and private actors, in the identification and development of skills of the future.


  • Identify lessons learned and policy recommendations to improve intersectoral education-work coordination.

The OAS, through the Technical Secretariats of the Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML) and the Inter-American Commiittee on Education (CIE), under the auspices of the Government of Chile, and the support of the Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training (CINTERFOR ) of the International Labour Organization (ILO). 

Results and outcomes

During the event, participants were divided into 3 sub-regional groups to identify lessons learned and policy recommendations. The Secretariat is currently working with the moderators and with each one of the groups to finalize these documents, which will inform the way forward.


Panel 1 - Education and training for the future of work and the skills for the future

Maria Claudia Camacho, Chief, Labor and Employment Section, Organziation of American States
Fernando Vargas, Regional Specialist on Professional Training from ILO/Cinterfor
Carmen Pages-Serra, Chief, Labor Markets and Social Security Unit, Inter-American Development Bank
Jurgen Weller, Chief, Employment Sstudies Unit, Economic Development Division, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
Helena Rovner, Senior Specialist on Human Development, World Bank.
Bibiam Diaz, Education Specialist, Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)

Panel 2 (First Part) - Approaches and responses from the Ministries of Education and Labor to the changing reality of the world of work. Emphasis on inter-institutional coordination efforts

Fernando Vargas, Regional Specialist on Proffessional Training - ILO/CINTERFOR
CHILE – Inter-sectoral coordination in Chile – Ricardo Ruiz, Deputy Director of the National Service for Training and Employment (SENCE) and Monica Brevis, Chief of Technical-Professional Area, Higher Education Division, Ministry of Education
ARGENTINA – Technological education and skills development in Argentina – Leandro Goroyesky, Executive Director, National Institute of Technological Education (INET) and Maria Alejandra Cervio, Director of Professional Training, Employment Secretariat, Ministry of Production and Labor
COLOMBIA - National Qualification System and other education-labor articulation efforts - Ligia Carrero, Coordinator of the Labor Training Policy of the Ministry of Labor
JAMAICA - Nicole Brown, Director of Corporate Planning, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information

Panel 3 - Participation of the Private Sector and social actors in the development of skills for the future

Cecilia Martins, Education Specialist, Department of Human Development, Education and Employment, SEDI, OAS.
Telefonica Foundation – Luis Miguel Olivas Global Head of the Employability Area
Laboratoria – José Tomás Lobo, Director of Laboratoria Chile
Nestlé – Juan Esteben Dulcic, Chief of Human Resources, Nestlé Chile
Ford – Javier Grasso, Talent Manager, Human Resources
Google – Marta Rey-Babarro, Head of Research, Chromebooks and ChromeOS devices

Panel 4 – Approaches and responses from education institutions to skills for the future training

Ricardo Paredes, President, DUOC-Catholic University of Chile
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - J-WEL – M.S. Vijay Kumar, Associate Dean of Open Learning
Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) – Oscar Garrido, Dean of Universidad de Los Lagos and IOHE President
CEDUC UCN – Technical Training Center – Carlos Saiz, Executive Director and Maritzaida Rojas, Academic Director.

Panel 5 - Approaches and responses from workers and employers organizations

Francisco Siva Bafalluy, Executive Secretary of Chile Valora
Workers representative – Marta Pujadas, representing the Chair of the Trade Union Technical Advisory Council (COSATE)
Employers representative – Fernando Alvear, Executive Director of the Production and Trade Confederation of Chile and delegate from the Business Technical Advisory Committee on Labor Matters (CEATAL)