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Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation
Labor inspection
06/28/2010 to 07/02/2010

With the goal of improving technical capabilities in the face of a changing industrial relations environment, three delegates from the Labor Department of Barbados visited the Ministry of Labor and Small and Micro Enterprise Development of Trinidad and Tobago. The participants also sought to obtain training on alternative labor dispute resolution techniques that could be applied in Barbados.
During the visit, delegates had the opportunity to meet with representatives of various labor-relations entities and received training from their counterparts. The participants visited the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago where they learned about its roles, functions, and composition. Later in the visit, participants were able to witness cases being heard before the Court. The Barbadian delegation were also given a presentation about Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) that outlined the duties of all concerned parties in ensuring the safety of workers. Delegates learned about the role of criminal law in industrial relations and the critical part played by the labor inspectors. The final day of the study tour featured a visit to the Employers’ Consultative Association (ECA) of Trinidad and Tobago, where delegates learned about the importance of the strength of employers to the socio-economic well-being of the nation and the need to offer training and development to employers in order to ensure favorable labor relations and better conditions for workers.
As a result of their study tour, the Barbadian delegates determined the following key items for further examination: clear and systematic legal procedures related, the importance of the industrial relations system and labor law, and the maintenance of industrial relations norms. Among other things, they will seek to replicate clear procedures and guidelines similar to those encountered in Trinidad and Tobago when the Barbados Employment Rights Tribunal is enacted. Additionally the delegates recognized the need to protect vulnerable individuals within their country and facilitate decent work. They view the enactment of the Barbados Employment Rights bill as a key development in terms of its potential to protect vulnerable workers and a significant step forward toward improved rights for employees. Once enacted, the delegates hope to see the bill effectively applied in labor relations cases.

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