RIAL Workshop on Labor Migration

Labor market information systems and observatories
Labor migration
Labor inclusion of vulnerable groups
Employment policies and programs
Event date: 
07/13/2017 to 07/14/2017
San José (Radisson Hotel)
Host Country: 
Costa Rica

This workshop is part of the activities of the Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML) of the OAS, which in its XIX reunion held in Cancun, Mexico in December 2015, had as one of its priority themes labor migration and the need to advance on the protection of rights of migrant workers.


The general objective of the Workshop is to analyze and exchange experiences (policies and programs), and identify lessons learned and recommendations, in order to strengthen the work of the Ministries of Labor on labor migration.


Considering that labor migration is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, the Ministries of Labor of the region were consulted on the topics to cover during the workshop through the Working Groups of the IACML as well as with special input from its authorities. Based upon the given responses, it was defined that the workshop will focus on the analysis and exchanges of policies and programs undertaken by Ministries of Labor in the following two areas:


  • The development of labor market information systems and the provision of relevant information to guide comprehensive migration policy
  • The protection of labor rights of migrant workers, including the role of labor inspection, as well as efforts to raise awareness and disseminate information.

 The event is co-organized by the Organization of American States, as the Technical Secretary of the IACML, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and is hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) of Costa Rica.

Main Resuls

  • Active and enriching exchange between Ministries of Labor on the initiatives they are carrying out on the topic of the protection of the rights of migrant workers and the development of labor market information systems. This exchange was complemented by the valuable perspectives of workers 'and employers' representatives.
  • Analysis and reports from experts and international organizations on the different aspects of labor migration in the region, some of which include migration flows, the link between labor market and migration, a focus on a rights based approach, protection of migrant workers at all stages, the migration cycle and social security.
  • Active participation from 17 labor ministries in the region, workers’ and employers’ representatives, international organizations such as the IOM, ILO, CISS and OAS, and subregional organizations such as CARICOM and SISCA.
  • At the end of the event and as a result of a participatory exercise in subgroups, lessons learned and policy recommendations with regard to the management of labor migration, especially within the Ministries of Labor,  were identified. These lessons and recommendations will be included in a document of Workshop Conclusions, and they can be valuable for the design and implementation of strategies to protect the rights of migrant workers and their families.


Maria Claudia Camacho, Chief of Labor and Employment Section, Executive Secretariat for Integral Development of the OAS
Situation of migration in the Americas, conclusions from the last Report of the Continuous Reporting System of International Migration in the Americas (SICREMI). Juan Manuel Jiménez, Migration Specialist, Department of Social Inclusion, Secretariat of Access to Rights and Equality of the OAS
The link between labor market and migration, and the rights-based approach. Francesco Carella, Labor Migration Specialist at the ILO
Protection of migrant workers at all stages of the migration cycle. Anna Platonova, Regional Specialist in Labor Migration and Human Development, Regional Office of the IOM for Central America, North America, and the Caribbean
Social Security and Migration. Omar de la Torre de la Mora, General Secretariat of the Inter-American Social Security Conference (CISS)


Francesco Carella, Labor Migration Specialist for the ILO
COSTA RICA - Johnny Ruiz, Head of Labor Migration, Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
COLOMBIA - Alvaro Calderón, Alternative Representative, Permanent Mission of Colombia to the OAS, Chair of the Committee on Migration Issues (CAM) of the OAS.
CARICOM - Rosa-Mae Whittier, Free Movement and Labour Officer, CARICOM Secretariat, CSME Unit
COSATE-CMCT - Jonatan Monge, CMTC of Costa Rica and Trade Union Confederation of the Americas
CEATAL - Jorge Araya, Executive Sub-Director of the UCCAEP, representative of the Business Technical Advisory Committee on Labor Matters (CEATAL).


Anna Platonova, Regional Specialist on Labor Migration and Human Development, Regional Office for Central America, North America and the Caribbean for the IOM.
MEXICO - Susana Casado, Director of International Legal Affairs, Unit for International Affairs, Secretariat for Labor and Social Prevision
CHILE - Ana Bell Jaras, Director of International Relations and Migrant Work, Directorate of Labor, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
JAMAICA - Delroy Palmer, Director of Overseas Employment, Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Intervention on OAS recent decisions on migration. Alvaro Calderón, Chair of the Committee on Migration Issues (CAM) of the OAS and Alternative Representative, Permanent Mission of Colombia to the OAS.
COSATE - José Olvera, Vice-president of the Trade Union Advisory Council (COSATE)
CEATAL - Nancy Fonseca, Director of International Affairs of the Confederation of Employers of Mexico (COPARMEX) and CEATAL representative