Labor Inspection

Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation
Working conditions
Labor inspection
Event date: 
Washington D.C
Host Country: 
United States
  • To exchange experiences on successful labor inspection models during a Workshop of the InterAmerican Network for Labor Administration (RIAL).
  • Continue the discussion on the topics and tasks assigned by the Declaration and Plan of Action of Port of Spain 2007 to the Working Groups of the IACML: 
  • Working Group 1: “Decent Work as an Instrument for Development and Democracy in the Context f Globalization”, and 
  • Working Group 2: “Strengthening the Capacities of the Ministries of Labor to Respond to the Challenges of Promoting Decent Work in the Context of Globalization”. 
  • Begin the preparatory process of the XVI IACML that will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from September 23 to 25, 2009.

This Workshop was part of the IACML Calendar of Activities for 2008-2009, and it was attended by 26 delegations, representatives from the advisory bodies, COSATE and CEATAL, as well as the ILO.

This workshop was attended by 26 delegations from OAS member states, as well as representatives from COSATE, CEATAL, and ILO.
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Inaugural Session

Organization of American States (OAS) - Ambassador Alfonso Quiñónez, Executive Secretary for Integral Development, OAS
Paul Byam, Alternate Representative, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to the OAS
Introductory remarks by the Moderator: Rafael Avante, General Director of Federal Labor Inspection, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Mexico

Panel 1 - Steps taken to attain greater effectiveness, impact, and coverage of labor inspection

International Labour Organization (ILO) - Jose Luis Daza, Director of the Andean Subregional Office, ILO
UNITED STATES - Sanji Kanth, Safety Engineer, Office of General Industry Enforcement, Directorate of Enforcement Programs, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA
PERU - Orlando Chiong, Advisor of the Vice-Minister of Labor, Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion
EL SALVADOR - Carlos Zuniga, Chief of Labor Administration of FTAs, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Open dialogue among participants

Panel 2 – Actions to ensure compliance with standards and improve working conditions

COLOMBIA - Luis Ramiro Correa, Legal Advisor, Inspection and Control Unit, Ministry of Social Protection
CANADA - Real Gagnon, Deputy Director (a), Bilateral and Regional Labour Affairs, Human Resources and Skills Development
COSATE - Robert Giuseppi, COSATE President
CEATAL - Luz Maria Morales, COPARMEX Director
Open dialogue among participants

Panel 3 – Strategies for optimizing oversight and supervision and for combating corruption in labor inspections

ARGENTINA - Juan Iacona, Regional Director for Buenos Aires region, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Valentín Herrera, Director General of Labor, Ministry of Labor
Open dialogue among participants

Final considerations regarding the challenges facing labor inspection in the current economic climate

Presentation from Mexico on the actions undertaken on labor inspection in the current economic climate, by Rafael Avante, General Director of Federal Labor Inspection, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Mexico
Input and comments from participants

Closing Session

“Event Summary: Main ideas and lessons learned (Preliminar version subject to participants’ comments until June 30)”
Closing remarks – Francisco Pilotti, Director of the Department of Social Development and Employment, OAS