Labor Inspection

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Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation
Labor inspection
06/27/2011 to 06/29/2011

Three officials from the Ministry of Labor, Small and Micro Enterprise Development of Trinidad and Tobago visited the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security (MTEySS) of Argentina to develop a Labor Inspectorate Information System, a scalable multi-tier web solution. The system is intended to be a user-friendly reporting tool that will provide information to executive management, facilitating accurate accumulation and analysis of labor-market information and allowing management to track the progress of individual cases and the Labor Inspectorate Unit as a whole.
Among the main results and findings of the cooperation activity were the value of using technology to record and assign labor complaints, generate statistics, and file reports immediately, of separating the surveillance, inspection, resolution, operating schedule and control functions of the labor inspectorate into different divisions, and of creating a National Plan for Labor Regularization that establishes the Ministry of Labor as the surveillance agent for labor relationships in favor of decent work. The delegates also took note of the role of social security enforcement in the MTEySS and remarked that combining this function with other labor enforcement roles was practical and appropriate.
Steps to follow include the development in Trinidad and Tobago of a National Plan of Action for Labor Inspection, a review of the structure of the Labor Inspectorate Unit, including decentralizing its organization and creating satellite offices, providing additional specialized training to labor inspectors, enhancing the use of technology, conducting public education, and collaborating among various relevant agencies within the government of Trinidad and Tobago. 

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