Workers and employers in the XLIX General Assembly of the OAS

On June 26th, 2019, representatives from workers' and employers' organizations participated in the Dialogue of the Heads of Delegation, the Secretary General and the Assistant Secretary General with representatives of organizations of the civil society, workers and other social actors, which took place within the 49th General Assembly of the OAS.

Inter-Sectoral Workshop on "Skills for the Future" concludes

Delegates from 18 countries, international organizations and representatives of workers, employers, academic institutions and private sector participated in a two-day Inter-sectoral Workshop on "Skills for the Future: Coordination between Ministries of Education and Labor". 

Results of the 12th RIAL Call for Bilateral Cooperation are out!

Results of the 12th. RIAL Call for Bilateral Cooperation were published on April 12th. Click here to read the list of winning proposals. 

Webinar on "Social Dialogue with Results: The experience of Castilla y Leon, Spain

On March 19, the OAS-RIAL held a Webinar on the Social Dialogue model of Castilla y Leon, Spain. This mechanism has been internationally recognized as a valuable and effective experience of negotiation and conciliation for achieving over 100 tripartite agreements.

Information Webinar for RIAL Bilateral Cooperation took place with the participation of 18 countries

Within the Framework of the 12th RIAL Call for Proposals for Bilateral Cooperation, the OAS Technical Secretariat held two webinars to share important information regarding the presentation of proposals, and to support the Ministries of Labor to find the best allies for their Cooperation. The webinars took place on Februay 5th and 6th, in Spanish and English respectively. 

Virtual Meeting of Authorities of the IACML took place on January 25th

The Virtual Meeting of Authorities of the XX IACML took place on January 25th, 2019, achieving agreements on future RIAL and IACML activities. You can find related documents by clicking here. 

Now open - 12th RIAL Call for Bilateral Cooperation

The 12th RIAL Call for Bilateral Cooperation will be open from January 15th to February 25th. Click here for more info 

RIAL Workshop "Strategies to improve compliance with labor legislation"

The RIAL Workshop "Strategies to improve compliance with Labor Legislation" took place in San Jose, Costa Rica, from December 6th to 7th, with representatives from 20 countries, as well as worker and employer organizations. 

RIAL / OAS reaches 100 Bilateral Cooperations

With the start of the Bilateral Cooperation Activities between Honduras and Colombia and between Ecuador and Panama, the RIAL celebrates having reached 100 bilaterals since 2007.

To celebrate this achievement, we prepared this video. We hope you enjoy it and invite you to share it

Experiences on Youth Employment are Shared on PAHO-OAS Webinar

During a Webinar organized by PAHO-OAS this July 31st, Panama Chile and the International Labor Organization (ILO) shared experiences, challenges and areas of opportunity on the subject of Youth Employment.