Hemispheric Workshop on Social Dialogue

Social dialogue
Event date: 
07/12/2022 to 07/13/2022
Host Country: 

The Workshop “Social Dialogue for a sustainable, just and equitable recovery” will take place in hybrid format, thus, participants will be able to join in-person in Bogota, Colombia, or virtually. It will gather representatives from Ministries of Labor, representatives of workers and employers -through COSATE and CEATAL- and international organizations to exchange and analyze experiences on social dialogue, per the objectives set forth below.
This is an activity of the Inter-American Network for Labor Administration (RIAL), hosted by the Ministry of Labor of Colombia, and is a part of the Draft Work Plan 2022-2024 of the IACML.
General objective:

  • Strengthen the human and institutional capacities of the Ministries of Labor and social actors to promote, consolidate and achieve more agreements through institutionalized national social dialogue mechanisms.

Specific objectives:

  • Exchange and analyze experiences on the functioning of social dialogue instances during the pandemic, especially those where responses, solutions, and policies to address the health and economic crisis were agreed upon in a tripartite way.
  • Identify elements or characteristics within the social dialogue instances that allow the achievement of agreements.
  • Prepare recommendations to strengthen institutionalized national social dialogue instances.



The Inter-American Network for Labor Administration (RIAL) in partnership with the Ministry of Labor of Colombia 

Relevant documents: 
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