Telework and caregiving co-responsibility for a gender-responsive recovery

Gender equity
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Online (virtual dialogue)

- To exchange experiences and make recommendations on how to ensure that telework, which has increased considerably since the beginning of the pandemic, does not continue to deepen existing gaps between women and men in the labor market and, rather, contributes to achieving joint responsibility for care and promoting gender equality in the region.


The event is organized by the IACML Technical Secretariat within the OAS Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI), in collaboration with the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) and funded by the Labour Program of the Ministry of Employment and Social Development of Canada. 

- Directors and representatives of gender unit or areas within the Ministries of Labor of the OAS, and Ministries’ officers linked to the topic to address, particularly telework. - Workers’ and employers’ representatives, grouped under the IACML consultative bodies -COSATE y CEATAL-. - International organizations and other stakeholders interested in participating, will be invited as observers.
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Within the COVID-19 pandemic, the OAS-RIAL and CIM organized a first “Hemispheric Dialogue to advance the institutionalization of a gender approach in the Ministries of Labor” on November 20 2020, with the participation of directors and officers from 29 Ministries of Labor of the Americas. Its objective was to promote reflection and exchange on the current situation, emerging topics, challenges and opportunities for gender units or areas in light of the pandemic, and to prepare recommendations to be submitted to the IACML on actions to continue advancing towards the institutionalization and mainstreaming of a gender approach in the Ministries of Labor. 


The level of participation and richness of the interventions demonstrated a great interest from  participants to continue this cooperation and exchange of good practices in relation to the challenges posed the particular situation of women in the face of a labor market in crisis due to the pandemic. 


During the first dialogue, some themes of interest to continue cooperation and training were identified, including domestic work, violence and harassment at the workplace, telework with gender perspective, caregiving co-responsibility, among others. Based on these, the Technical Secretariat consulted to define the topic of the 2nd Hemispheric Dialogue, and the responses guided towards this last topic: Telework and caregiving co-responsibility.