Costa Rica - Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Costa Rica
Alfredo Hasbum Camacho

Mr. Hasbum has a Business Administration´s Degree from the University of Costa Rica. He also has a Master’s Degree in Management of Social Security Systems from the Alcalá University. He worked as National Executive Director of the Pension and Retirement Board for almost 10 years. He was also in charge of several Ministerial Departments related to Social Security, such as the National Department of Pensions and the National Department of Social Security, and was also the Vice-Minister of Labor.
He was named Minister of Labor and Social Security by the President, Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera, on January 23, 2017.

Focal point: 
Grace Gamboa, Chief of Labor International Affairs
Ana Lucía Blanco, Labor International Affairs Advisor
(506) 2542-0000
Edificio Presbítero Benjamín Núñez, Barrio Tournón.