Social Dialogue and Social Cohesion

Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation
Social dialogue
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04/15/2008 to 04/17/2008
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The Workshop on Social Dialogue and Social Cohesion, held in Montevideo , Uruguay on April 15, 2008, was coordinated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Uruguay, in consultation with COSATE and CEATAL and with the support of the Department of Social Development and Employment, SEDI of the Organization of American States (OAS).
This Workshop is part of the activities of the Inter-American Network for Labor Administration (RIAL), which is the cooperation mechanism of the OAS Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML). This Workshop, in particular, is an outcome of the IACML Calendar of Activities 2008-2009, approved by the IACML authorities in the Planning Meeting of December 2007. It was made possible through the grant received from the Labor Program of Canada for the operation of the RIAL.

The Workshop was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Labor of 27 countries of the Americas , representatives from COSATE, CEATAL and the International Labor Organization (ILO).
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Opening Remarks

Minister Eduardo Bonomi, Minister of Labor and Social Security of Uruguay
John Biehl, Director of the OAS Office in Uruguay
María Claudia Camacho, Specialist of the Department of Social Development and Employment, OAS

The importance of dialogue for Social Cohesion

Jorge Bruni, Deputy Secretary for Labor and Social Security of Uruguay

Social Partners and Social Dialogue

COSATE - Marta Pujadas and Nilton Souza, Vice-presidents of COSATE
CEATAL - Daniel Funes de Rioja, President of CEATAL, and other delegates

Institutionalized social dialogue, contents, law and reality

International Labour Organization (ILO) - “Institutionalized Social Dialogue in Latin America”, by Virgilio Levaggi, Director of the ILO for Central America, Haiti, Panama and the Dominican Republic
PANAMA - Minister Edwin Salamin Jaen, Minister of Labor and Labor Development
ARGENTINA - Julio Rosales , Director of International Affairs, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
PERU - Luis Galvez Leon, National Director Micro and Small Enterprise

Continuation of session

CANADA - Réal Gagnon, Senior Policy Analyst, Office for Inter-American Labour Cooperation, Human Resources & Social Development Canada
BARBADOS - Victor Felix, Assistant Chief Labour Officer, Ministry of Labour and Civil Service

Conclusions, recommendations and closing remarks

Presented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Uruguay and the Technical Secretariat

Conclusiones y Seguimiento del Taller "Diálogo Social y Cohesión Social"

This Workshop gathered technical representatives from Ministries of Labor of 27 countries of the Americas , COSATE and CEATAL representatives and the ILO to analyze the different entities of social dialogue in the region, identify its characteristics and possible challenges.
During one working day, the participants were able to share experiences, approaches and diverse perspectives on social dialogue. The presentations and discussions during the Workshop were very rich in contents and ideas, and they can be accessed through the event's website.
The Conclusions document, containing contributions from COSATE and CEATAL, was presented by the Department of Social Development and Employment of the OAS at the end of the Workshop and it provides a summary of the main topics discussed and of the challenges that social dialogue and labor relations are currently facing. It also presents proposals to follow-up on this topic in the framework of the IACML.