Canada - Open Portfolio on Telework Legislation and Regulations

Canada Labour Code

The telework location must be a suitable working environment that meets the health and safety requirements of the Canada Labour Code, Part II, and its Regulations.

Directive on Telework

Telework is used where appropriate, including as a means to ensure an inclusive public service and a safe and healthy work environment where employees have access to flexible work arrangements. 

Québec’s Act on Occupational Health and Safety

The object of this Act is the elimination of dangers to the health, safety and physical and mental well-being of workers. This Act provides mechanisms for the participation of workers, workers’ associations, employers and employers’ associations in the realization of its object.

Bill 27

This bill reforms the Employment Standards Act. It assesses the new reality of telework and imposes a requirement on employers with 25 or more workers to have a written policy regarding the “right to disconnect”. This disconnection includes not engaging in work-related communications (emails, video calls, etc.) during non-working hours. 

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