Puntos Focales Género

Ministerio Punto Focal de Género
Antigua and Barbuda - Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour
Eltonia Rojas, Labour Commissioner
Argentina - Ministry of Human Capital, Secretariat for Labor, Employment, and Social Security
Cecilia Cross, Undersecretary of Inclusion Policies in the World of Work
Patricia Sáenz, National Director of Protection and Equality at Work
Bahamas - Ministry of Labour and the Public Service
Yolantha Yallop, Assistant Director of Labour
Barbados - Ministry of Labour, Social Security and the Third Sector
Rhonda Farley, Coordinator
Belize - Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development
Aida Reyes, Senior Labour Officer
Bolivia - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare
Maya Gabriela Verazain Zuazo, Head of the International Relations Area
Brazil - Ministry of Labor and Employment
Maíra Lacerda, Coordinator for International Technical Cooperation
Canada - Ministry of Labour
Jillian LeBlanc, Senior Policy Analyst, GBA Plus Centre of Expertise
Chile - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Karen Mejías, Ministerial Authority on Gender
Colombia - Ministry of Labor
Magnolia del Socorro Agudelo Velasquez, Coordinator for the Group for the Victims and Labour Equity with a Gender Focus
Magda Yaneth Alberto Cubillos, Advisor for Gender Equity and Women's Rights Offices
Costa Rica - Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Yamileth Jimenez Cubillo, Chief, Gender Office
Dominica - Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security
Dominican Republic - Ministry of Labor
Yisell Villar, Director of equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination
Ecuador - Ministry of Labor
Daniela Peralta, Director of Vulnerable Populations
El Salvador - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Karen Cardoza, Chief of Labor Attention to Priority Groups
Grenada - Ministry of Legal Affairs, Labour and Consumer Affairs
Brenda Bain, Planning Officer
Guatemala - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Juana Celestina Sotz Chex, Chief of the Working Women Unit
Guyana - Ministry of Labour
Dhaneshwar Deonarine, Chief Labour Officer
Haiti - Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
Honduras - Secretary of Labor and Social Security
Nelson Gutiérrez, Responsible for the General Directorate of Social Welfare
Jamaica - Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Gillian Corrodus, Director, Industrial Relations and Alliances
Mexico - Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare
Raúl Balmaceda Valdés, Director of Labor Inclusion
Panama - Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development
Karlina Juliao
Paraguay - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Patricia Luchin, General Director for the Promotion of the Working Women
Peru - Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion
Maria Eugenia Luyo Rodriguez, Director of Promotion and Protection of Fundamental Labor Rights
St. Kitts and Nevis - Ministry of of Tourism, Civil Aviation, International Transport, Employment & Labour and Urban Development
Shernel C. James, Labour Commissioner
St. Lucia - Ministry for the Public Service, Home Affairs, Labour and Gender Affairs
St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry & Labour.
Racquel Jacobs-Lawrence, Labour Commissioner
Suriname - Ministry of Labor, Employment Opportunity and Youth Affairs
Shoblina Chotkan, Head, Labor Market Development Unit
Trinidad and Tobago - Ministry of Labour
Danica Smith, Planning Officer,
Cherisse Coward, International Affairs Officer
United States - Department of Labor
Mathilde Roux, Policy Analyst at the Women’s Bureau
Uruguay - Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Laura Triaca, Officer in Charge of the Gender Unit
Nataly de las Mercedez Rodríguez Bessio, National Labor Unit
Venezuela - Ministry of the People’s Power for the Social Process of Labor