Follow-up, Monitoring and Evaluation of Plans, Programs and Projects

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Dominican RepublicColombia
Structure and operations
Use of information and communication technologies
11/29/2010 to 12/01/2010

Four directors of the Ministry of Labor of the Dominican Republic, with responsibility for the areas of planning, communications technology, monitoring and evaluation, and statistics, participated in this cooperation activity in order to analyze the software and monitoring and evaluation programs utilized by the Ministry of Social Protection (MPS), and, in general, the Government of Colombia, with a view to strengthening the Oversight, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit of their institution.
The Dominican representatives learned about different systems developed by the Colombian government, such as the Governmental Programming and Management System (SIGOB), the Management Information System for Formulating, Monitoring, and Oversight of Plans, Programs, and Projects (SIGPROY), and the Investment Project Monitoring System (SPI).  As stated by the directors, the exchange was highly productive and exceeded expectations because not only did they learn about the MPS monitoring and evaluation system, but also about the planning process within the Colombian State.  They noted the vision for integration and linkage of the different public institutions, as well as e-government strategies enabling citizens to gain knowledge of governmental actions on an ongoing basis.
As a result of this technical assistance, in the Ministry of Labor of the Dominican Republic, “improvements would be made in the institution based on the Colombian experience, where a project would be formulated for the design and subsequent implementation of an institutional database that would compile in a single system the data generated by the different Ministry of Labor areas, where indicators could be defined and monitoring of activities could begin.”  Forums and meetings would also be held in order to coordinate with the different social sector entities.

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