4th. Call - 2010

The Fourth Call for Proposals of the RIAL Cooperation Fund was opened from January 20 to March 30, 2010.

We invite you to consult here the results and the Guidelines to present proposals.
During this call, which was characterized mainly by new countries participating as either requesting or providing institutions, 45 proposals from 19 Ministries of Labor of the region were received.  After a more strict evaluation process, 11 proposals were selected and 6 pre-selected, subject to the fulfillment of certain requirements.


Trinidad and Tobago - Argentina Labor Inspection
Paraguay - Argentina Labor Statistics
Colombia - Brazil Labor Inspection
Trinidad and Tobago - United States Occupational Health and Safety
Saint Lucia - Jamaica Overseas Employment Programs
Mexico - Brazil Labor Relations – Trade Union Registration
Dominican Republic - Colombia Follow-up, Monitoring and Evaluation of Plans, Programs and Projects
Guyana - Barbados Conflict Resolution
Ecuador - Peru Certification and Evaluation of Labor Competencies
Panama - United States Occupational Health and Safety
Saint Lucia - United States Labor Inspection
Costa Rica - Argentina Employment Offices Network
Brazil - Canada Occupational Health and Safety in the Maritime Sector
Chile - Argentina Vocational Training and Skills Certification
Argentina - Colombia Knowledge Management Systems – E-Government
Barbados - Trinidad and Tobago Labor Inspection