6th Call – 2013

The Sixth Call for proposals was opened from December 18, 2012 to February 28, 2013.

During this call, 63 proposals were received from 12 Ministries of Labor, they were concentrated on issues of Employment (30%), followed by Labor (27%) and Institutional strengthening.


The 10% of the proposals were concentrated in issues of Labor relations (social dialogue, trade union registration, dispute settlement) and the remaining 1% Social Security.


After thoroughly analyzing the proposals, 8 were selected. Please consult the results in the document.


We invite you to consult the Guidelinesof the proposals here.


Colombia - Brazil Functioning of the Tripartite Commission on International Relations
Suriname - Trinidad and Tobago Employment Services
Barbados - Jamaica Labor Law
Honduras - Mexico Trade-union Registration
Peru - Brazil Protection of the Rights of the Disabled
Mexico - Argentina Unemployment Insurance Systems
Guatemala - Ecuador Eradication of Child Labor