7th Call – 2014

The Seventh Call for Proposals was opened from February 25th to April 1st. This year 35 proposals were received involving 17 countries of the Hemisphere that covered combating child labor, organization and operation, data collection and individual and collective dispute settlement, among other topics.


After a thoroughly evaluation process, eight (8) proposals were selected due to their solid justifications, clarity of objectives and expected impacts. Please find the results in the documents section


For the first time, a Call for Proposals of the RIAL featured two Webinars to address all concerns about proposal presentation and requirements. These webinars, that took place on March 11 and 14, were an opportunity to strengthen ties between members of the RIAL.'
The presentation for proposals was made following the Guidelines of the Seventh Call Power point presentation - presented during the Webinar on March 14, 2014.