Labor inspection and occupational safety in mining

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Occupational safety and health
Labor inspection
11/14/2022 to 11/17/2022

From November 14 to 17, 2022, three officials from the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development (MITRADEL) of Panama went to Chile to obtain technical assistance from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MTPS), on labor inspection procedures in mining, especially open pit mining.
 MITRADEL of Panama requested this cooperation following opening of the first open pit mining in Panama, a milestone that brought the need to adapt labor inspection procedures to respond to the needs of this sector. The long history of the mining sector in Chile has implied an extensive experience of inspections in mining, which made them excellent references to provide this cooperation.
Objectives of the activity:
General objective: Updating labor inspection processes in mining exploitation areas and occupational health and safety in open pit mining.
Specific objective: Recognize and identify the risks of the activity, prepare inspection manuals in the different mining exploitation processes.
The activity was selected within the framework of the 13th. RIAL/OAS Call for Bilateral Cooperation. However, due to the pandemic, it had to be postponed. It should be noted that due to their objectives, both Ministries chose not to cooperate virtually, but to wait until sanitary conditions allowed the resumption of official trips.
 The visit of the Panamanian officials consisted of both virtual and in-person elements, since there were previous remote preparation/training sessions, and four days of training in Santiago, which consisted of two days of field visits to open pit mines, and two days of technical assistance  in the Department of Labor.

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