Occupational Safety and Health

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Occupational safety and health
07/19/2022 to 07/22/2022

From July 19 - 22, a delegation of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and the Third Sector of Barbados provided technical assistance to the team of the Department of Labour of Belize, to strengthen their capacities on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). 


The Department of Labour of Belize requested this cooperation as part of their efforts to support the formation of a OSH Unit within their Ministry. 


The cooperation activity consisted of two parts: 


  • Support in the preparation and undertaking of a stakeholders' consultation meeting with workers, employers and other stakeholders, to establish a dialogue and present the idea of creating a OSH Unit. 


  • A three-day training during which the officers of Barbados provided technical assistance on OSH Adminsitration. The topics covered in these sessions included Occupational Safety and Health Management System Approach, the process and Implementation of OSH Inspections, how to handle accident investigations, and other agreed topics such as ergonomics, indoor air quality, noise assesment, among others. 


As a result, the Department of Labour of Belize produced a Final Report detailing next steps in public policy to implement the learnings obtained through the creation of a OSH Unit. 





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