Eradication of Child Labor - Training labor inspectors on child labor

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Child labor
Labor inspection
09/23/2019 to 09/26/2019
From September 23 to 26, 2019, a delegation of experts from the Ministry of Labor of Argentina visited the Ministry of Labor of Mexico to provide technical cooperation on labor inspection for the prevention and eradication of Child labor and the protection of adolescent workers.
During four days, 20 inspectors from the General Directorate of the Federal Labor Inspection system received training on the initiatives implemented by Argentina to eradicate and prevent Child Labor, such as the Nacional Commission for the Eradication of Child Labor, the Provincial Commissions for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor, and the Network of Companies Against Child Labor.
Among the main learnings listed by Mexico on their Final Report, it is worth noting the identification of the Ministry’s areas of opportunity in this regard, such as a better interinstitutional linkage on child labor, improving tools and resources from the Labor Inspectorate, and improving the registry and the follow-up of identified child labor cases. 
Similarly, Mexico outlined among their Next Steps to strengthen training of inspectors through coordination with other areas within the Ministry, to strengthen their coordination with other institutions through the Inter-Secretarial Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Child Labor, to achieve a greater involvement from the private sector to take action and revise their production chains, and to further preventive, and not corrective, actions through the programs already in place by the Federal Government. 
The Ministry of Labor of Argentina added that Mexico gathers the necessary conditions to face this challenge with greater articulation, and assured their support in case the Ministry of Labor of Mexico wished to have more details on the Network of Companies against Child Labor. 



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