Impacts and Testimonials


“Canada has been an enthusiastic supporter of the RIAL since its creation. Over the years, the RIAL has developed into an agile mechanism for tangible cooperation and knowledge sharing at the hemispheric level. We should all be very proud of the RIAL’s accomplishments to-date. With the support and active participation of each and every member state, the RIAL will be able to continue to facilitate the development of institutional capacity and the effective enforcement of labour legislation in the years to come. Our thanks go to the Technical Secretariat for its diligent coordination of the work of the RIAL over the past decade.”


Kim Bellem

A/Director, Bilateral and Regional Labour Affairs

Labour Program of Employment and Social Development Canada




“As a mechanism of the IACML, the RIAL facilitates cooperation and allows countries to benefit from each other by exposing them to best practices in the hemisphere. As a result, countries have been able to raise their labor standards and strengthen their Ministries of Labor, which are objectives of the IACML.”


Victor Felix

Assistant Chief Labour Officer

Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development of Barbados



United States

“In many international conferences documents are produced and there is no follow up, but the IACML has this mechanism: the RIAL, which actually allows us to make conclusions on documents and then follow them up with real programs. And that translates into things of consequence for countries, for communities and for individuals.”


Robert Shepard

Director of the Office of International Relations

Department of Labor



“The RIAL is a mechanism that democratizes knowledge and experience. Since it was created, many countries have been able to learn from each other and make their own expertise available to others. Every country has something to offer and also something to learn.”
Mario dos Santos Barbosa
Former Special Advisor for International Affairs
Ministry of Labor of Brazil


“The RIAL has had a significant impact throughout the hemisphere on labor issues, and its great strength is that it has enabled each country to freely choose what expertise from other countries could provide the most support and best further its own development. In Argentina, the RIAL has had an enormous impact because it has helped us learn about the situation in other countries. Another positive effect is that it has enabled the region to move forward in developing a common language around labor.”

Julio Rosales
Former Director of International Affairs
Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security of Argentina