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Dominican Republic
José Ramón Fadul

Mr. Fadul obtained a Law Degree from the Pontifical Catholic University Madre y Maestra and a Master´s Degree in Private Administration. He worked as a professor of Civil Law and as the Director of Law at the same University.
During his professional life, he has worked in different spaces in the public sector. First he represented the city of “Santiago de los Caballeros”, as Congressman, as President of Congress and as Mayor. Then he was elected as Secretary of State and Secretary of Labor, where he worked on social security, pensions, disability, and child and youth labor.
Mr. Fadul was named Minister of Industry and Trade in 2008, Minister of the Interior and Police in 2011, and on August 16, 2016 he was appointed Minister of Labor.

Focal point: 
Indiana Castillo,  Technical Coordinator, Department of Equal Opportunities and Non-discrimination
809 535-4404
Ave. Enrique Jiménez Moya # 5, Centro de los Héroes, La Feria, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, R.D.