Chile - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

Nicolás Monckeberg Díaz

Nicolás Mockenberg became the Labour Minister of Chile on Jan. 2018. 

Mr. Mockenberg has a law degree from the Catholic University of Chile, aswell as a master in liberal arts from the Extended Harvard University. On his political career he has been a deputee at local and national level. On 2012, he was appointed as Chairman of the Chamber of Deputees. 

While he served as a deputee, he proposed and voted in favour of several labour-related legislations, such as protecting dominical rest for workers, and the inclusion of people with Down Syndrome into the Labor Market. 


Mr. Mockeberg is the auhor of 3 books. 




Focal point: 
Pedro Pablo Silva, Chief of International Affairs
(+56 2) 27530400 - (+56 2) 27530401
Huérfanos 1273, Santiago