Brazil - Ministry of Labor

Ronaldo Nogueira

Mr. Ronaldo Nogueira graduated in 1987 from the Theological Education Faculty of the Asamblea de Dios de Carazinho University. He continued his studies at the Luterana de Canoas University, where he obtained a Business Administration Degree in 2007. In 2009 he received a Modern Public Administration Degree from the Federal de Porto Alegre University.
Mr. Nogueira worked as an advisor in his hometown for four terms and was the Secretary of Housing and Assistance, and Secretary of Public Works and Urban Services of the Municipality. In the 2014 elections he was elected Federal Congressman of Río Grande del Sur for the 55th legislation and is Principal Member of the Permanent Commissions of Science and Technology, Communication and Information Technology, and Human Rights and Minorities. Mr Nogueira was also named Minister of Labor on May 12, 2016. 

Focal point: 
Ney Canani, International Chief Advisor
Raquel Aparecida de Carvalho, International Affairs Advisor