Colombia - Ministry of Labor

Alicia Victoria Arango Olmos

Alicia Arango took oath as Minister of Labor of Colombia on August 7, 2018. She was appointed by President Ivan Duque.
Mrs. Arango has a large experience in the public sector. She has served in the colombian office for sports (COLDEPORTES) and the Minister of Education. 
Educated as a Business Administrator at the College of Advanced Management Studies in Bogotá, Mrs. Arango has represented Colombia before the International Labor Organization and the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 
She has an specialization in public administration for the University of Andes. 

Focal point: 
Gloria Gaviria, Chief of the Offices of Cooperation and International Relations
(57-1) 4893900 - (57-1) 4893100
Carrera 14 No. 99-33, Bogotá - Colombia