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Hemispheric Dialogue to advance the Institutionalization of Gender in the Ministries of Labor Highlights EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
Herramientas de empleabilidad e inclusión laboral para Personas con Discapacidad Programs EMPLOYMENT, Labor inclusion of vulnerable groups
Hoja de Ruta para Hacer de Guatemala un País Libre de Trabajo Infantil y sus Peores Formas, Programación 2016-2020 Programs LABOR, Child labor
Human Resources Administration with a Focus on Competencies Bilateral Cooperation EMPLOYMENT, Professional training and skills certification, MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS, Human resources
Hygiene and Safety Committee Programs LABOR, Working conditions, Occupational safety and health
Igualdad de género: Eje transversal en la orientación laboral Programs EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
Improving Compliance Standards / Call Centers Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation, MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS, Use of information and communication technologies
Information Systems and Labor Market Observatories Bilateral Cooperation EMPLOYMENT, Labor market information systems and observatories
Information Webinar for RIAL Bilateral Cooperation took place with the participation of 18 countries Highlights MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS, International cooperation
Iniciativa de: “ESPACIOS AMIGOS DE LA LACTANCIA MATERNA EN EL LUGAR DE TRABAJO” Programs LABOR, Occupational safety and health, EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
Inspección del Trabajo Infantil Programs LABOR, Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation, Child labor, Labor inspection
Inspecciones de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo Programs LABOR, Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation, Working conditions, Occupational safety and health, Labor inspection