Labor Inspection – Training in conflict resolution

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Labor inspection
Individual and collective conflict resolution
11/26/2018 to 11/30/2018

As part of the 11th RIAL Call for Proposals for Bilateral Cooperation in 2018, the Ministry of Labor of Guatemala requested cooperation from the Ministry of Production and Labor of Argentina on labor inspection and alternative dispute resolution.  As a result, two experts from Argentina travelled to Ciudad de Guatemala during the week of November 26-30, 2018.


The general objective of the activity was to provide Labor Inspectors with technical tools for the resolution of individual and collective labor conflicts. This will allow for the strengthening and improvement of the attention provided by the Labour Inspection Directorate regarding the diversity of labor conflicts at a regional and national level.


The Argentinian delegation provided direct training to Guatemalan Labor Inspectors on the different types of labor disputes and conflicts resolution mechanisms, and shared the experiences that have been effective in the Argentinian context. These included best practices for mediation, conciliation and arbitration, a presentation on the operation and functioning of the Argentinian Obligatory Labor Conciliation Service (SECLO), and practical exercises on conflict resolution. The Guatemalan Labor Inspection Directorate also had the opportunity to share with the visiting experts their working model, as well as their main policy interests regarding resolution of individual and collective disputes.  Not only public officers, but labor unions and employer representatives were engaged in this cooperation activity.


Mr. Omar Nills Yasin, one of the visiting experts and National Director of SECLO, expressed that the workshop proved to be “very fruitful (…) and with excellent results obtained”. The Minister of Labor of Guatemala, Mr. Gabriel Aguilera, indicated that the activity would “allow the implementation of best practices” in the country, an also “promoted the professionalism of our officers”.


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