Professional training and skills certification

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Professional training and skills certification
11/12/2018 to 11/16/2018

A delegation of two experts from the Ministry of Production and Labor of Argentina visited the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion of Peru with the objective of sharing experiences regarding skills normalization, certification and evaluation< as well as to provide technical assistance on the tools and procedures of the sectorial certification offices.


From November 12th to 16th, the Argentinian experts visited the General Directorate of Professional and Job training and its Centers of Professional Training and Skills Certification. During these visits, not only were they able to know the forms and procedures of their Peruvian counterparts, but they were immersed in the working, economic and social environment of Peru to give their recommendations.


As a part of their visit, they presented the approach by competences developed in their country, highlighting the benefits and challenges that they have found in its implementation, as well as the main results of this system.


Among the "Next Steps" listed by the MTPE of Peru in the final report of the activity are to adjust and make more flexible the requirements for the authorization of certification centers of labor competencies to operate, to evaluate the integration of a knowledge test in the performance test of the trainees in order to reduce the procedures in the certification of competencies, and the creation of a computer system for evaluation and certification.

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