Social Dialogue for Formalization

Informality and non-registered work
Collective bargaining and freedom of association
Social dialogue
Event date: 
09/17/2014 to 09/19/2014
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Hold a dialogue at the Americas level on the decisions made at the 103rd Session of the International Labour Conference, exchange information on policies and programs and determine actions to take at the hemispheric level to achieve the progressive formalization of informality. On this occasion, the Workshop was followed by the First Meeting of the Working Groups of the XVIII IACML.

Relevant documents: 
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Organization of American States (OAS) - Maria Claudia Camacho, Coordinator, Labor and Employment Section, Department of Human Development, Education and Employment, SEDI
International Labour Organization (ILO) - Juan Chacaltana, Regional Specialist in Labor Economics, Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean
ARGENTINA - WG1 Chair. Julio Rosales, Director of International Affairs, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security

Panel: Strategies for Formalization in the Region

Representatives of the Ministries of Labor of the participating countries shared their experiences regarding the phenomenon of informality.

UNITED STATES - Patricia Davidson, Deputy Administrator for Program Operations, Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor
PARAGUAY - Cesar Segovia, Vice Minister of Labor, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
COLOMBIA - Marcela Mosquera, Deputy Director for Labor Formalization, Ministry of Labor
BRAZIL - Mauricio Gasparino da Silva, Director, Department of Labor Inspection, Ministry of Labor and Employment
BARBADOS - Victor Felix, Deputy Chief Labour Officer, Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Human Resource Development