Webinar "Mental Health and Work: Challenges for all in the Americas"

Working conditions
Occupational safety and health
Event date: 
Washington D.C, United States
Host Country: 
United States

Review the impact of the relation between mental health and work, their positive and negative results for workers and their families, and the option to control, prevent and address them in the workplace with joint efforts from public health and workers' health approaches.


The International Labour Organization (ILO) declared April 28 World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Since 2003,  this date is observed in commemoration of the workers who suffered injuries, diseases or fatalities; and to celebrate those that were effectively prevented.
The Organization of American States (OAS), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean are joining efforts to address workplace stress through a series of webinars.


Recording of the Webinar

Panel 1 - Introduction on Mental Health and Work

Presentation by PAHO. Dr. Devora Kestel, Chief, Mental Health and Substance Use Unite, NMH Department

Panel 2 - Expanding the Notion of Health and Safety: Modern Solutions for a 21st Century Challenge

Presentation by Dr. Sapna Mahajan, Director of Mental Health Prevention and Promotion Initiatives, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Panel 3 - Seven Steps Guide towards a Mentally Healthy Organization

Presentation by Dr. Tine van Bortel, Senior Research Associate in Global Public Health, University of Cambridge

Panel 4 - Labor related Mental Illness: a Return to work orientation guide

Presentation by Dr. Elisa Ansoleaga, Director of the Psychology School, University diego Portales

Panel 5 - Mental Health and Solidarity Economy: the experience of Brazil

Dr. Adelia Capistrano, Consultant at General Coordination of Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Ministry of Health of Brazil