Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor in Food Storage Centers

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GuatemalaCosta Rica
Child labor
08/04/2015 to 08/07/2015

Three officials from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Guatemala travelled to San Jose to exchange experiences on the strategies and lessons learned from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Costa Rica in the eradication of child labor in the food storage center, CENADA. The objective of the exchange is to implement a pilot program in Guatemala and strengthen their institutional platform to address to worse forms of child labor.
The activity included an on-site visit to CENADA, as well as the presentation of the actions taken by the Office in charge of the Eradication of Child Labor and Protection of the Working Youth of Guatemala. The two Ministries also exchanged information on the Roadmap as a national strategy in Costa Rica, as well as the importance of strategic alliances to address the problem.
As a result of the exchange, the MTSS of Guatemala indicated that using Costa Rica´s experience, they will develop a proposal to declare the storage center of Guatemala City free of child labor. They also intend to use the methodology used in Costa Rica to update their Roadmap, adapting it to the context in Guatemala, and they will develop a follow-up system. 

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