Control and Supervision of Labor Inspection

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Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation
Labor inspection
07/29/2014 to 07/31/2014

Three officials from the area of Inspection from the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevision of Guatemala visited the facilities of the Secretariat for Labor and Social Prevision of Mexico to learn about their general procedures for control, supervision, and communication lines developed for their labor inspections. All of this with the purpose of strengthening the technical capacities from Guatemala’s Ministry of Labor in the area of labor inspections.
Guatemala highlighted that the lessons learned during their visit to Mexico allowed their Ministry to reevaluate their practices and find areas of opportunity. For example, the need to constantly evaluate the knowledge of their inspectors, facilitate the access to training through virtual training tools at the national level, having a system that allows for distance supervision, and having sanctions and a process of enforcing them that generated more coercion and compliance from patrons, workers, and trade unions.
The Guatemalan delegates also highlighted that this cooperation with Mexico helped the to reach a consensus with labor authorities about mechanisms and good practices that must be priorities to improve labor inspections in Guatemala. 

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