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Labor union registration
09/11/2013 to 09/13/2013

Three delegates from the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare of Honduras visited Mexico City to learn from the experience of the General Directorate for the Registration of Associations of its Secretariat of Social Welfare. The working methodology was developed through presentations by officials responsible for building registries and keeping trade-union organizations up to date and through visits to the headquarters of workers’ organizations, for exchanging experiences with union leaders in the country.
The Honduran delegates took the opportunity to make a visit to each of the departments within the General Directorate, getting to know its Archive and its processes for safekeeping information, and shared its own experience in the matter. Among the principal lessons learned, the delegates recalled that this very significant experience allowed them to identify various areas and processes in which it was possible to make substantial improvements in the quality of services that are offered in Honduras to trade-union organizations. Among these lessons learned, they especially mentioned learning about the regulatory framework related to the right to form a union in Mexico, the organizational structure of the General Directorate for the Registration of Associations, and the form in which a modern and transparent system of trade-union organizations operates.
Highlighted among steps to take were: transmitting the information acquired to the staff of the STSS, managing resources for the design and implementation of a project for digitalizing information, and implementing an electronic management system for trade-union organizations. In the words of the Honduran delegation, the activity fully met the objective of the visit, and the results of the presentations and experiences in this matter were enriching. 

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