Youth Enrepreneurship: Development of Business Incubators and Non-Financial Cooperatives

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Trinidad and TobagoBrazil
Youth employment
Support to micro, small and medium enterprises and other production units
Employment policies and programs
10/22/2012 to 10/26/2012

A delegation of Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Labor visited Brazil from October 21 to 26 of 2012 to learn about the Brazilian experience in the development of business incubators and non-financial cooperatives with a focus on youth. The meeting focused on the development and handling of public policies for Brazilian business incubators and their interaction with the solidarity economy of that country. Trinidad and Tobago’s delegation had the opportunity to interact directly with specialists from the cooperatives, the Brazilian incubators, and other Brazilian institutions relevant to the development of these types of projects like SEBAES and SENAC.
In the recommendations, Trinidad and Tobago highlighted the importance that universities have in this program and the synergy created by the triple helix model (government, university, private sector) in the creation of a business incubator. They also highlighted that this is something they must strengthen in developing their own incubator. Looking ahead, Trinidad and Tobago informed the Technical Secretariat that to strengthen their existing programs and create an incubator, they must first strengthen the inter-ministerial relationship between the Ministries of Gender, Youth, Child Development, Education, Tertiary Education and Development of Skills and the Ministry of Science and Technology to utilize all the resources available to implement a truly interdisciplinary and quality program. 

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