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09/03/2012 to 09/07/2012

A delegation composed of three officials of the General Directorate of Employment of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Guatemala visited the facilities of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of Argentina with the objective of obtaining information to strengthen Public Employment Services in Guatemala. In this on-site visit, delegates learned about Argentina’s Public Employment Portal program, which has more than 450 employment offices in operation and covers of almost 100% of the national territory. The differences between the Public Employment Services of Argentina and Guatemala were also analyzed, and as a result of this exercise, strategies were suggested to expand the coverage of the Guatemalan service.
Steps to take include, among others: Conferring with technical personnel who have not only technical knowledge but also relevant knowledge in the area of employment; strengthening and analyzing what monitoring controls can be implemented as open tools for the public; and maintaining contact with the Ministry of Labor of Argentina to provide feedback and accompany the process of implementing the Electronic Employment Portal. Suggestions from the Ministry of Labor of Argentina to the Guatemalan delegation included the need to see that the tool will be designed in such a way to allow the recording of all actions that are generated by offices and monitoring. 
The experience gained in this technical assistance visit completed the planned objectives, as it provided tools and materials necessary to strengthen the implementation of the employment portal in Guatemala. The Guatemalan team said they were “extremely pleased” with the conduct of the activity. 

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