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Dominican RepublicArgentina
Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation
Employment policies and programs
07/27/2009 to 07/30/2009

Two officers of the Secretary of Labor (SET) of Dominican Republic visit Argentina with the objective of learning about the experience of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security (MTEySS) regarding the elaboration and development of its Decent Work Program that was originally created in 2005 and has recently being updated. This cooperation activity was the third one carried out between both institutions throughout the RIAL Cooperation Fund.
During the days in which this activity took place, interesting and intense work sessions were developed, allowing the Dominican delegates to obtain a general overview of the strategies implemented by Argentina to promote decent work. In this way, each meeting with the different offices facilitated the comparison and evaluation of the performance of the SET with the MTEySS’s. 
With this aim, the Dominican delegation met with officers from the Under Secretariat of Technical Programming and Labor Studies, the Secretariat of Employment, the Department of International Affairs, the Under Secretariat of Social Security Policies, the Superintendence of Labor Risks, the Secretariat of Auditing, the Director’s Office for Employment Service, the Director’s Office for National Orientation and Professional Education, and the Secretariat of Labor Regulation. Throughout all the meetings, the importance of fighting against informal and unregistered labor was acknowledged, specially highlighting the vulnerability of women that are occupied in domestic work, the temporary workers in rural areas, and the undocumented immigrants.   
At the end of the visit, the Dominican delegates refer to the agenda of this activity as a “complete and intensive” one that covered all the areas that had been requested. They also underlined the professionalism, disposition and expertise of the Argentinean officers, and considered the possibility of future cooperation activities. 

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