Occupational Health and Safety (phase 2)

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GuyanaTrinidad and Tobago
Working conditions
Occupational safety and health
07/21/2008 to 07/25/2008

Three officials from the Ministry of Labor of Trinidad and Tobago, together with a colleague of theirs from the Ministry of Labor of Barbados, gave presentations at an OSH training seminar organized by the Guyanese Ministry of Labor for its employees and for employers’ and workers’ associations. In 2007, Guyana’s Ministry of Labor reorganized its OSH department, which was followed by a redefinition of procedures and the training of new officials.  This was the context for Guyana’s request to Trinidad and Tobago for this cooperation which, according to Guyana’s report, was highly beneficial and relevant.
Phase two of the cooperation, complementing the on-site visit of Guyana to Trinidad and Tobago in June 2008, enabled specific actions to be defined to fulfill the objective of building the performance capacity of Guyana’s Labor Occupational Health and Safety Department and developing an organized inspection strategy.  According to Guyana’s report, the following actions will be taken, based on Trinidad and Tobago’s experience: simplification and organization of some departmental procedures; adjustments and improvements to the checklist used by inspectors; analysis of the establishment of a hotline for receipt of complaints; and more in-depth training of the Department’s labor inspectors.  

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