Professional Training and Skills Certification

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Professional training and skills certification
08/26/2019 to 08/30/2019

On August 26 – 30, 2019, a delegation from Paraguay led by the Technical Secretary of SINAFOCAL, Alfredo Mongelós, and conformed by two other SINAFOCAL officials and three representatives of workers’ organizations, visited the Ministry of Labor of Argentina to learn their experiences on training centers managed by trade unions. 


During four days, the delegation visited different training centers in Argentina that are administered by trade unions to identify good practices in their management. The visits included centers specialized in sectors such as tourism and technology, this one located in the city of San Nicolas, Buenos Aires province. 

The visit also included meetings in the Ministry of Labor and in the offices of the different trade union organizations. 


In their Final Report, the Paraguayan delegation assured it had learned deeply the good practices implemented by the Argentinian workers’ organizations on management of training centers, and noted that one of the expected impacts of the activity is the elaboration of a Work Plan for Technical Assistance for the Institutional Strengthening for Labor Training Institutes, aimed at installing the Argentinian model in the REIFOCAL (Paraguay’s Registry of Labor Training Institutions). 


Note: This activity was co-funded by Paraguay’s MTESS, covering travel expenditures of three participants, while RIAL funded the participation of the other three.  


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